Discussing such wolf vs dog experiments in a Christian Science Monitor article , researcher Vilmos Csanyi posits that dogs are perhaps more motivated to please humans than just go after the food rewards. There are some of course that crave particular foods (varieties of meats), but really, to survive, anything will do for the werewolf.Vampires on the other hand, according to virtually all legends, require blood – preferably human blood – to survive. It is a really cool picture and claims to depict how wolf packs go about their wolf packing and how we can apply it to business and leadership and other corporatey things. And her senses far out strip mine in all ways. As bad as people are getting, this seems to be the only safe place they can be. "Remarkably, in many places the hyena tracks were on top of wolf tracks… The tracks of the three wolves also overlapped each other in all possible orders," Dinets and his colleagues write … I wonder if the wolves in the experiment would've turned to an alpha wolf in the same way the dogs turned to a human. They reproduce until they fill their Petri dishes and exhaust its nutrients, and then they die in their own excrements.White.wolf_43. And I must say, that we have done a pathetic job. It doesn't really mean they are smarter. I truly enjoy it!! ", Thanks for this wonderful site!! They don't choose to do those things for us because they are too busy just surving and avoiding us, It is only us who think about how clever they are they already know and thats is why, Animals would never experimet or put us i jail or any other stupid things we are doing to them they already know that it is stupid ,The Animals are were they need to be the Humans are not :) ♥. but don't see where people were talked abt at all. While most humans need several types of maps and a compass to find their way home after a … Still, given that some of the wolves were as old as 24 months during the experiments, the results suggest that human-raised wolves will continue to seek contact with humans into early adulthood. Many animals truely are smarter but with simpler ways of communication and more prone to emotion that are hardly seen by human eyes. "If you assume an animal has to survive without human presence, then wolves are smarter. 3. I love the wild life animals. We don't really know how smart animals are. It isn't explicitly stated but you kind of have to assume that the legendary human commanders of 40k are also heavily augmented. “If you assume an animal has to survive without human presence, then wolves are smarter. Their diets are not limited. We may be able to figure things out faster than some animals, but those same animals might be able to work together as a team better than we do. Some are very difficult to trap or hunt, because they are super crafty at figuring things out, whereas others are easier to catch. It's not a recognition of intelligence, it's an innate reliance on man. Animals vs Humans = In my opinion, Animals don't consciously destroy the earth, they re-generate it. Good point!!!!! … one of the first steps in the domestication of the dog was the selection for “human-like” communicative behaviors. I don’t consider myself a business savant or anything but it seems pretty obvi, as the kids say these days, that if the people (or wolves) in front of you are old, slow and sick then you are probably not going to succeed. But if you are thinking that dogs have to survive in a human environment where it’s very important to follow the communications of humans, then in this aspect, dogs are smarter.” However, their amazing capacity for fast adaptation and ability to live in cities show they could be a lot more than they are today. Dogs generally have 20% smaller heads and 30% smaller brains than wolves are much smarter than the average dog. In fact, wolves can be quite intelligent, they just don’t care too much about humans, and therefore perform poorly in tasks that require them to engage socially with us. But, although they’re proven to be smart in many ways (as Joshua Klein explains in this TED talk), officially scientists say they’re not smarter than humans. Dogs! There’s this meme floating around LinkedIn that shows a pack of wolves walking through the snow. So a trout is smarter than humans because it can breath under water, no. Shelley Myke. Maybe an Inspiratibomb or Businesplosion or something. This is not to say that wolves are not intelligent. We must protect and help all beings (Animals, Humans and Plants/Trees - Forests), by helping to protect all beings, we help to protect our environment, which will protect our planet. How is killing it respecting it. They don't have IQ tests. Another puzzlebox study also showed that wolves tend to be more successful and that dogs tended to look to humans for help more often during the experiment. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Why Christmas Is The Second Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. In both tasks, dogs looked back at humans earlier than the wolves did, and for greater duration. So why do we do this? The Native Americans had a saying, " A feather fell from the sky. The coyote did all three. Wolves are a beautiful animal. Actually, if it’s on LinkedIn it’s probably not called a meme. Animals are smarter than humans in some ways, but not overall. PS I love your site. They have a far higher ceiling and vastly superior senses/processing power. Wolves Are Probably Smarter Than Our Dogs Researchers at the Wolf Science Center in Vienna, Austria, found that wolves are better at understanding cause and effect than domesticated dogs. Wolves are fearful of humans, too. Like the humans who watch them, readers also come to care for these wolves, not … Deal with it. One reason they are smarter is because they balance with their environment while we change it to suit ourselves. Have more suggestions? Unlike their wild ancestors, they're comfortable around humans, pay close attention to … i wouldn't say every animal is smarter than a human..but the problem with us is that we do everything to "forget" the fact that we are mammals in the first placein our everyday makeup, playing with our smartphones, and our "perfect social" behavior" we don't even use our senses anymore.... What about coyotes? Neither are smarter than the other. what we need is to learn is to stop killing them and to coexsist with them and we all live happy in one world the way it should be! Wolves and dogs come from the same line, they are both canines. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since they split from wolves, domestic dogs have changed in many ways. Why Wolves are Smarter Than Humans. Contrary to popular depictions, wolves are generally smarter than either coyotes or foxes. And who knows, one day they might top us. Animals do what they are born to do. Animals are definitely smarter than those specific people! and they can tell all that! That fear is what keeps them alive in the wild, but that fear is also what makes it so hard to tame them ( 23 ). We should treat animals the way we all want to be treated. The eagle saw it, the deer heard it and the bear smelled it. Animal's are so amazing plain and simple.. smarter more caring and more compassionate than 99% of human beings..humans have alot to learn from animals. There is no way Wolves run 45+ mph (72 kph)! Seriously, that’s a thing and apparently a pretty popular and lucrative thing and I am wasting my time writing this blog that no one reads instead of opening LEGO boxes on YouTube. I am grateful to see these animals , but it is still sad they have to live in a pen. dam I missed that corn pletely who came first, one said it was cool that wolf's were listed first. The wild horses, beautiful, but for how long? I think wolves are smart, but their intelligence is channeled into several avenues based on their species specific needs. But for some not obvi reason a bunch of people have seen this picture and felt inspired to say what a great lesson it is in leadership. There’s this meme floating around LinkedIn that shows a pack of wolves walking through the snow. Foxes live very solitary life compared to wolves and coyotes, which have their pack as their companion. Watch Queue Queue Only bacteria and humans breed until they exhaust the nutrients/resources of the Petri dish or Planet. this is our one world we all come from it we all have to share it we must all learn to get along and not kill one another or animals and live as we are serpost to be as one!!!!!!! Sasquatch is smarter than people since most don't even believe in them. then humans, Humm, for a reason don't you think? Why can't people leave them alone. Everyone knows that dolphins are smarter than most other creatures -– but now we have the genetic evidence to prove it. Wolves can do all those things and more,but humans seem to want to annihilate their species. They would gladly kill a wolf cuz it's fur is worth 450 dollars. (PhysOrg.com) -- Studies in the past have shown that wolves are smarter than domesticated dogs when it comes to solving spatial problems, and now … I agree with those people on here that think animals are smarter than people. This is not to say that wolves are not intelligent. The wolves were more persistent and focused on the task at hand than the dogs who spent more time looking to the humans around them. A dog's attentiveness to its owner might be an important kind of intelligence. We should stop hunting them and tearing down their homes. In both tasks, dogs looked back at humans earlier than the wolves did, and for greater duration. May the dolphins rule! Geese are very smart too and have amazing homing instincts, survival and parenting skills. And amidst it all individual wolves are recorded as showing empathy, even heroism. After all Animals were here first! Wolves actually have a cognitive understanding of cause and effect whereas dogs do not and it may have something to do with the process of domestication. The scientists found that wolves are considerably better than dogs at opening a container, providing … 1 2 3. If humans want to understand what it’s like to be a dog, the nose is an excellent place to start. Average dogs are less intelligent than are their wolf counterparts. You try that, son of Adam! The Creator gave them all different gifts than ours, but we are the ones he put in control over them all. What impacts do wolves have on humans? How do you know animals came first besides what a human said when animals are "smarter" yet no animal says they came first? In fact, wolves can be quite intelligent, they just don't care too much about humans, and therefore perform poorly in tasks that require them to engage socially with us. View @valentinewillr’s profile on Twitter, View @dbatts11’s profile on WordPress.org, How A WordPress Glitch Almost Made Me Quit Writing Forever, 10 Ways To Guarantee You Won’t Succeed At Anything, Ever, Why Your 14th Wedding Anniversary Should Matter, Even If It Doesn’t, Review: The Nashville Sound by Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, This One Investment Tip Will Change Your Life Forever. So maybe we should just do what we seem to have been made to do also, which is work hard, enjoy life and try not to be a jerk? All beings (Animals, Humans, Plants/Trees) have a purpose on this earth and the survival of the planet depends upon the intelligence of all beings. Thanks for the information very informative. I love and believe these animals are almost as smart as humans and some are smarter than we are. I found this very interesting and informative! That doesn't make them smarter than humans. Lov the pig coment it that the ones in special cars or washington? Lolamarina. Isn't that the truth about the wolves avoiding us to survive. Canines hunt using tactics and endurance more so than speed. In telling the wolf’s story, the Center hopes to evoke a sense of wonderment and acceptance for nature even in full light of the sometimes brutal reality of life in the wild. The Wolf has not been "bred" to be faster than its prey. As humans we can learn much from the animal kingdom. Which dogs can beat a wolf? Honey Badgers are pretty amazing too. I think it just comes down to trying too hard. we need to stop killing thease animals and start learning from them as they are going exstict if we don't learn from them so will we!!! ~Gail~. So whenever you have anxiety that you aren’t rich enough or good looking enough or wolfy enough, just remember that the people you are comparing yourself to are most likely the kind of people that believe stupid and misguided LinkedIn posts, or run into doors because they’re staring at their phones, or take Facebook quizzes about which Friends character they are and then post said quiz onto Facebook and then their actual friends comment and say “oh my gosh, I got Pheebs too but I totally thought of myself as a Rachel all these years.”. Answer. There are many other ways as well but let us not go into that. How can we be awesome like them?” But wolves don’t try to human, they just wolf. However, that doesn't mean that wolves are smarter than dogs. Wolves, on the other hand, are less intelligent than pigs. Everyone is smart in their own way. Watch Queue Queue. All this data gathered together means one thing: foxes are smarter than wolves and coyotes. we can't that is why we get hurt or worse! Are wolves smarter than humans? Some wolves, like with people, are smarter than others. Diet Werewolves are live creatures, and while they prefer a meat-based diet, they can really eat anything! The only problem with it is that it is complete nonsense. They avoid people for the plagues they bring both as diseases and as destruction. I know that’s not a novel idea but it got me thinking: why do seemingly smart people do dumb things like post clearly misguided pictures of wolf life, or rubber neck on the interstate causing the traffic that that leads to a wreck that causes the other side of the interstate to rubber neck causing the traffic that leads to another wreck, or let their kids watch YouTube videos of a close up of some dude’s hands opening plastic eggs with toys inside? … Swordfish2 I like your thinking they do not try to take over the world . In both tasks, dogs looked back at humans earlier than the wolves did, and for greater duration. 7 Animals Way Smarter Than Us By. Wiki User. T.E.A. Paula Alvarado. The list goes on and on ... : ) x. yes animals are smarter then us for all the reasons said we try to destroying one another and the world the animals try to coexist they will do what it takes to servive even if it means making friends with those that might eat or try to kill them! We want things to make sense. And except for when we go around shooting all of them it seems to work pretty well for them. humans start wars or kill one another for a qurter of the streat or sometimes just for fun that is what gangs do or cause u look at them wrong or there different then u or just cause there bullys I can go on and on animals don't care who u love or look like or if u have disabilitys all they care about is are u a good person or not can they trust u or not! Bacteria are on a par with humans. They can detect cancer, tell when a seizure is about to start, find people who are lost, be our eyes and ears, help us deal with conditions such as PTSD. And after seeing this picture posted and reposted by people I don’t know and some that I do I came to a conclusion. Although I liked the post, I don't think animal advocates should set animals against humans, as the 'competitive' hunter type will only see it as an excuse to kill them, while also inflating their ego even more! Given that brainless bacteria are not animals, I would say that all animals are smarter than humans. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4969492773380&set=a.4498162750424.1073741837.1781068703&type=1&theater, All Animals are smarter than humans....even the so called "Dumb Animals" simply because they do not try to wipe out all the other species like we "Smart Humans" do. Indeed, there is much for us to gain from fully understanding wolves and their relationship with other wildlife and humans. Thanks for sharing.I love this site!!! Killer whales, sperm whales also very intelligent. Michelle Lampe/Wolf Science Center My chocolate lab, Loretta Lou, … I think we should treat animals like humans. Animals are amazing, absolutely smarter then we.. In fact, wolves can be quite intelligent, they just don’t care too much about humans, and therefore perform poorly in tasks that require them to engage socially with us. Anyway, it says something about the ones in front of the pack being old and sick and the real leaders being the ones in the back, protecting all the others. Given human behaviour, all life forms except bacteria are smarter than humans. Like humans, cetaceans are capable of creating a mental image of and communicating with their fellows at great distances, using echolocation and special clicking noises. According to people in Alaska wolves are cold blooded killers. Well off humans do have access to augments, rejuvenats etc that can even the odds somewhat. Wolves are not dogs, and dogs are not wolves. I don’t mean you of course, just everyone else. Top Answer. She is also a great help when she wants to be and a really quick study. Whales and dolphins (cetaceans) are probably the smartest in the aquatic world. Your dog can only be smarter than something else if you teach it etc. On average terms, humans are stronger, smarter and bigger than wolves, but humans lack the speed, instincts, and senses of wolfs. Not so sure bout all that. We want to give our lives purpose by saying “look how awesome those wolves are. Anyway, the point is that humans are a pretty amazing creation of God or the universe or the giant turtle that rules all creation but we tend to act like freaking dolts sometimes and we don’t use that awesome squishy computer in our heads. Keep up the great work. They eve claim to respect the wolf after killing it. Put them in the comments. But, a wild wolf is going to be smarter and more instinctual in the wild than a domesticated dog would be. Mine is really clever and I have to keep quite an eye out not to get fooled. But then the bacteria can sporulate and hunker down in wait of better days. Hey Santa, How About You Stop Trying To Ruin Christmas? And for God’s sake, if you take nothing else away from this, if you see that freaking wolf meme thing please don’t pass it along to anyone else because it will just make both of you dumber. Cooperation among wolves is the basis of the understanding between dogs and humans, suggest researchers at Vienna’s University of Veterinary Medicine. The Wolf has never been timed or tested for speed (to my knowledge). You know, I love wolves. I suspect dogs have been bred to rely on humans by default when encountering any significant obstacle, whether that be a frustrating puzzle or a threat.

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