The first hit launches opponents into the second, though it is possible to. This allows Cloud to mix-up his recovery and enables Climhazzard to function as his fastest out of shield option, though it is very risky to use. Cloud on Midgar, with Bahamut ZERO in the background. It also stalls Cloud in the air, giving it additional, if situational, utility in guard breaking. It is easily punished when shielded or avoided, however. These sound effects originate from, His idle stance is identical to his battle stance in later appearances such as the, The greenish coloration of the Buster Sword's trail is a reference to, Cloud's body emits blue Mako when his Limit Break is fully charged. Limit Charge is also converted to Finishing Touch, a spinning slash with such tremendous knockback that can KO most characters around 60%-70%. At Frostbite 2018, a Smash 4 tournament earlier this month in Dearborn, Michigan, Smash 4 … This led him to be ranked 12th on the first 4BR tier list, placing him at the middle of the B tier, which confirmed his high-tier status. Climhazzard is also a terrible recovery move for many reasons: it grants below-average vertical distance, little horizontal momentum, its ascending hit is completely incapable of edge sweetspotting, and its descending hit cannot edge sweetspot until it covers some prior distance. Additionally, the former's slower start-up and ending lag can make its use problematic against opponents already close to the edge or in prime position to reflect it, while the latter slows down his air speed significantly. Dibujada por Tetsuya Nomura (SQUARE ENIX). It has two minor variants: one with a long sleeve covering Cloud's left arm to hide the visible signs of his Geostigma, and the other revealing Cloud's left arm after he has been cured of Geostigma, as well as a red ribbon wrapped around it, which he and his party wear in memory of Aerith Gainsborough. El Límite es una mecánica exclusiva del personaje que funciona de forma similar al medidor de poder de Little Mac, pero puede cargarse de dos formas diferentes, mejora todos sus ataques especiales y añade cambios adicionales en los atributos de Cloud, como un aumento de su velocidad. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Cloud's appearance in, Tier placement, history and bans in double tournaments, Single Game Championships: Umebura X Single-Chu, Panda Global Rankings v3 X-Factor adjusted rankings (subjective), being more dominant than Meta Knight in Brawl singles,, A side kick, followed by a mid-level roundhouse kick, followed by an outward slash. After the series of slashes, Cloud charges up a final slash, in which he descends and slashes the opponent downward to the stage and results in a huge explosion that launches the opponent. His KO potential in general was also slightly toned down, as forward smash, down smash, Limit Break Cross Slash, and most notably aerial Finishing Touch received nerfs to their knockback scaling. The speed and utility of his aerial attacks make him dangerous in the air, and his attacks flow together well, letting him combo with ease. Cloud is ranked 2nd out of 55 on the tier list, placing him in the S tier and making him the second highest ranked newcomer, DLC and third party character (behind Bayonetta). Much like Mario, Cloud has a relatively low learning curve and skill floor that makes him an effective choice for beginners and inexperienced players, though due to the benefits that his most difficult techniques can offer when they are mastered, he continues to be one of the most viable characters in high-level play. He had achieved strong results at both singles and doubles play right before the first tier list was released by the 4BR, thanks to professionals like komorikiri, Mew2King and Tweek. He has an alternate costume based on his appearance in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, known as "Cloudy Wolf" in Dissidia Final Fantasy, which replaces the Buster Sword with the Fusion Sword. His weaknesses, however, are still offset by his amazing strengths in his great range, quick frame data in proportion to his range, high damage output and power, and amazing mobility (especially under Limit Break status), with most smashers agreeing he has few losing matchups (the most prominent one being Sheik). Si tiene su Límite al máximo, Cargalímites se transforma en Toque final, un ataque de enorme potencia pero que solo produce un 1% de daño. Además, si el oponente se protege correctamente justo antes del ataque deja a Cloud muy expuesto a un contrataque. After it is full, Cloud gets a boost in all of his movement attributes except for attack speed, allowing him to move very quickly across the stage and in the air, with his overall mobility almost rivaling that of Captain Falcon and Sonic. The first hit deals set knockback that leads into the second hit, which has a sweetspot at the center of the Buster Sword's blade that meteor smashes opponents as Cloud descends. With all these benefits underneath the Limit Break status, players must be wary of this, as one small slip-up from the opponent can give Cloud the perfect opportunity to strike and turn the tide of battle instantaneously, making Cloud's Limit Break a mechanic that should not be taken lightly when in the hands of a competent player. His combo game and KOing ability, while unique and powerful, can sometimes be inconsistent. En el aire es un personaje levemente más lento, pero su alcance es mayor, y abarca un área también superior. Cloud's alternate amiibo based on his Advent Children costume. As a result of this spike in popularity and success, Cloud was ranked 2nd on the second tier list, placing him in the S tier; his tier rise was tied with Palutena's for the fifth highest between the first and second tier lists. These traits make it a phenomenal anti-air … Has very long range and good knockback, KOing middleweights at around 115% near the edge. For the character in other contexts, see Cloud Strife. Cloud is a middleweight swordfighter with surprisingly quick mobility overall. Una variante de este traje, consistente en la misma ropa pero con la manga arrancada mostrando un lazo atado al brazo (que utiliza en las escenas finales de la misma película) también está presente. Cloud's primary flaw is his poor recovery. His increased gravity and falling speed, however, make his jumps slightly lower and prevent him from auto-canceling some of his aerial attacks (notably back aerial and up aerial) as easily. This page was last edited on December 4, 2020, at 10:59. (, Pose de victoria 1: hace girar su espada delante suyo y la coloca a su espalda. A knee strike. A moderately strong aerial, it can reliably KO middleweights at around 135% from Battlefield's top platform. There may be some human errors because of this. Universo Final FantasyPersonajes Obtenido de «». (, Desde el borde: realiza un corte horizontal que barre todo el frente del personaje. Overall, while Cloud has all the tools required to be successful, the player is forced to manage his resources to the best of their ability, and they must avoid being thrown off the stage at all times. Cloud being in a stunned state references a scene in Final Fantasy VII where he gets motion sickness. (, Agarre: agarra al oponente con su mano izquierda. Forward aerial is very strong when hitting clean, and is also a meteor smash on aerial opponents when sweetspotted. (, Normal: hace girar varias veces la espada delante suyo y la coloca en su espalda mirando hacia la cámara. Something to note - you can actually use his neutral B in a similar manner to Mario's cape for recovery. Despite his aerial maneuverability and an effective wall jump, Climhazzard gains very little height and no horizontal distance; its inability to sweetspot edges for most of its duration also leaves him vulnerable to gimping. Esto, unido al hecho de que en algunos de los ataques se desplaza hacia delante (en mayor o menor medida), le da un aún mayor alcance. Cloud's grab range is abysmally short, having the third shortest overall in the game. At the beginning of the move, with a text box appearing above him that displays "Omnislash" as he proceeds to flings any opponents he runs into to the top of the screen. Pulls the Buster Sword back and rubs the edge of its blade. The move is often difficult to punish due to its high range, especially when autocanceled. Despite his aerial mobility and jump height is arguably better than most sword-wielding characters, his diagonal speed remains slow when compared to them, making him prone to edgeguarding and gimping, and making it mandatory to stay a safe distance within reaching the edge. Cloud can charge Limit Break by dealing 250% damage, receiving 100% damage, or by instantly charging it with his down special, Limit Charge. It can reliably start combos, chaining into itself at 0% and into aerials at low percentages. Cuando cae, Cloud la recoge y se coloca en pose de batalla. As a result, while Cloud is slightly worse individually than he was at his release, he is considered to be overall better relative to the cast, and remains a viable character in the metagame. He has above average falling speed and high gravity, however, preventing him from staying in the air for long despite his good aerial maneuverability. He has average walking speed, the tenth fastest dashing speed, above-average air speed, average air acceleration, and a fast jumpsquat, granting him both quick ground and aerial mobility. Under Limit Break status, his mobility is even better; his traction slightly improves, his … A circular slash around himself. One of the most powerful. Cloud Skin Mods for Super Smash Bros. His up smash, in particular, covers a very large arc, has decent speed, and high knockback despite its surprisingly low damage, making it his best and least risky KOing option out of his standard moveset. Using the Limit Break-boosted Cross Slash on Ganondorf. This, together with surprisingly fast frame data for a character of his range and power, grants Cloud potent zoning, spacing, and neutral games. Cloud (クラウド, Kuraudo) is a downloadable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U representing the Final Fantasy universe, being the sixth third-party character. His dash attack is a fast punishing tool from a distance and, due to its power, can put opponents in a bad position. It is Cloud's strongest non-Limit Break move, KOing middleweights around 100% at center-stage, but it has high ending lag and deals below average. Cloud (クラウド, Cloud) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. [Smash 4 Mod] Cloud - English Voice (Final Version) - YouTube KOs middleweights around 125%. Performs an inward slash while climbing up. Cloud fue anunciado en el Nintendo Direct del 12 de noviembre de 2015, y fue lanzado el 15 de diciembre del mismo año, junto con su escenario, Midgar. However, Cloud has some severe flaws. His up and down throws both have misleading power, failing to KO until well beyond 200%. It acts as a double-edged sword, as it increases Cloud's fall speed and gravity at full charge, making recovery without the use of Climhazzard deceptively difficult, and rendering Cloud even easier to combo at medium percentages. This makes it an effective spacing and KO option. Cloud can stall his descent with Blade Beam and Cross Slash, although they only do so after one use. The Limit Break mechanic itself is also problematic. Cloud also has difficulty approaching from the ground, due to his unsafe ground attacks, and Blade Beam, his only projectile, is slow and punishable when not under the effects of Limit; additionally, his grab is one of the shortest of the cast, and his throws generally have low damage output and very little combo potential. However, with the release of Corrin and Bayonetta, the subsequent nerfs to them and other top-tier characters, and various advancements to his metagame, Cloud became a very popular character in tournaments. Cae desde arriba sin su espada, la cual desciende instantes después. He was officially announced during the November 12th, 2015 Nintendo Direct, and released as the fifth downloadable character on December 15th, 2015. His approach options are linear, with dash attack being easily punishable, neutral aerial having a hitbox that starts from behind, up aerial being very predictable and being surprisingly punishable on shield if not spaced well, and having other attacks that either lack the frame data or the utility to be used as reliable options for approaching such as his poor grab game. Smashpedia es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. While Cloud also possesses an abundance of strong finishers, his KOing ability is somewhat inconsistent. With the exception of Finishing Touch, all Limit Break specials are also granted brief intangibility upon start-up, as well as additional properties: Blade Beam is faster, stronger, and has transcendent priority; Cross Slash requires no additional button inputs and strikes five times immediately, has very low ending lag in relation to its immense power, and stalls him completely in the air; and Climhazzard grants more vertical distance and much more horizontal momentum, as well as having the ability to edge sweetspot at any time. Striking directly beneath Cloud with the first few frames meteor smashes aerial opponents, while the lingering hitbox hits opponents upwards and away, allowing the move to easily start combos or set up powerful KO moves at medium percentages. Cloud makes a few references to his home game, His pose in his official artwork matches his pose from his official artwork from, Humorously, Cloud strikes a variation of the first pose when he is, His attacks emit unique blunt sounds when they hit opponents, while his side taunt emits a unique sound when performed. Cloud leans down, then pushes the Buster Sword directly above him. This is most likely because his original English voice actor, Steve Burton (who voiced Cloud in English from Kingdom Hearts to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT) is a union-based voice actor. Its hitbox starts behind Cloud with a larger front hitbox, although it does not extend beside Cloud and makes it unable to hit smaller characters beside him. Omnilátigo es similar a su descarga EX y, de forma menos notoria, a uno de sus ataques Bravura a PV: Omnilátigo v.5. In the Nintendo direct itself it was announced a special Smash broadcast would be taking place some time in Decemember 2015. Crusade HL +8 4 Half-Life TF2 +7 2 Team Fortress 2 S3AIR +3 4 Sonic 3 A.I.R SM +6 1 Sonic Mania Among Us +4 … Roy's aggressive playstyle can also put Cloud into an uncomfortable position due to his lack of get-off me moves, although Roy himself has His KO ability is weaker if Limit Break is not fully charged, as many of his strongest attacks are risky to use due to their punishability if missed. (, Pone su espada frente a él horizontalmente y coloca su mano libre cerca de su filo. Unlike most other chargeable special moves, it can be canceled with a simple special move button press, or even instantly canceled into an attack, the latter being a trait shared only with Gyro. Cloud jumping alongside Mario's Fireball and Samus' neutral aerial. This positive outlook on Cloud was even more apparent in doubles play, where he can greatly benefit from having a teammate to alleviate his weak recovery and helping to land his Limit Break specials as the finisher to team combos, while Cloud himself can provide stage control and wall out his opponents for his teammate. Back aerial has tremendous range, decent power, and the lowest landing lag among Cloud's aerials, and also autocancels from a short hop, allowing him to edgeguard and space effectively, though it can often miss low opponents. Elementos de escenario: Bahamut CERO - Ifrit - Leviatán - Ramuh - OdínEscenarios Cloud aparece por primera vez en la serie Super Smash Bros. y, a su vez, establece la primera relación entre Square Enix y esta. Aside from Limit Charge, his special moves have some noticeable weaknesses. Like down aerial, it autocancels from a full jump and has low landing lag in relation to its range and power, however, it has the slowest startup of his aerials, making it his riskiest aerial to use regardless. A diferencia de otros temas de victoria, este se reproduce continuamente, haciendo de Cloud el único personaje cuyo tema de victoria sustituye a la canción de la pantalla de resultados. The first two hits combo into the third, which has higher range and immense knockback for the move's start-up (19 frames). Thrusts the sharp edge of the Buster Sword forward while holding it diagonally. While facing the screen, Cloud twirls the Buster Sword with one hand and places it on his back while looking away from the camera, saying, While turning away, Cloud twirls the Buster Sword, places it on his back and then glares at the screen, saying, Rushes forward, quickly slashes the Buster Sword twice, and then assumes a battle stance similar to his idle animation, saying. Also hinted in the video are Chocobo costumes for the Miis. Pose de victoria 2: igual que la pose anterior, pero la cámara enfoca la espada de Cloud, y al final este mira hacia ella. Su aspecto está basado en el spin-off de lucha para la PlayStation Portable Dissidia Final Fantasy, el cual, a su vez, está basado en su aparición en su juego de origen, Final Fantasy VII. Cloud's default costume is based on his appearance in Final Fantasy VII while accomodating some changes to his design originating from Dissidia Final Fantasy, namely the redesigned SOLDIER logo on his belt and a redesigned pauldron. In reference to Final Fantasy VII, Cloud possesses a unique Limit Break mechanic. Although Cloud saw a very slight drop to 3rd place on the third tier list, his status as a very viable choice in competitive play remains firmly intact and, as of recently, he has achieved even more consistent results from the likes of komorikiri, Leo and Tweek, which has seen him rise to 2nd on the fourth tier list. En tierra se basa de ataques rápidos con la espada, la cual, debido a su tamaño, le confiere un notable alcance para sus ataques cuerpo a cuerpo. In addition, Leo placed 1st, Tweek placed 9th, and komorikiri placed 7th at GENESIS 4, all while primarily using Cloud until top 8 in the case of komorikiri and Leo. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a downloadable fighter. También es parecido al segundo movimiento del ataque PV "Bravura", basado a su vez en el primer límite de Cloud en. Art oficial de Cloud con su indumentaria de, El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Varios de los ataques y características de Cloud están basados en su aparición en la subserie de, Su ataque aéreo hacia adelante está basado en un ataque de Bravura en estado de personaje lanzado. This Teal alt from Smash 4 was turned into a generic Black ribbon alt for AC Cloud The borderline removal of this alt has always been a pet peeve of mine, so I was wondering if anyone can bring it back. Cloud also has no reliable means of escaping pressure. In addition to its aforementioned weaknesses in regard to recovery, Climhazzard is also very punishable if shielded and easily DI'd out of, while all of his specials only boast KO power when they are boosted by the Limit Break. Both games feature identical character rosters. En lo que respecta a sus ataques especiales, Cloud utiliza varios de sus ataques Límite procedentes de su juego de origen. In all regions, Cloud is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, his official Japanese voice actor from Kingdom Hearts onward. Standing on Midgar, with Bahamut ZERO in the background. We even saw the MU played at Smash 4-Ever when it came to the former with Nairo's . Cloud was slightly nerfed in update 1.1.5. Well Smash fans the hype was very real as we got a brand new character coming to Smash: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7! What started out as a celebration of Nintendo characters has only expanded through later releases to include characters from dozens of other developers and franchises. His neutral attack and down tilt are his fastest ground options, while Climhazzard can work as an out of shield option. It resembles Tifa's Meteor Strike Limit Break, albeit performed while grounded instead of in the air. His throws' damage outputs are only average at best, and barring down throw at low percents, they lack any sort of combo potential, making them comparable to Jigglypuff's throws in regard to inefficiency. Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the PGR 100, which recognizes the official top 100 players in Super Smash Bros. 4 of all time. However, Cloud's singles results became considerably more consistent, thanks to komorikiri placing 3rd, Tweek placing 13th, and Mew2King placing 25th, all at The Big House 6, among others. On contact with an enemy, pressing the special button allows this slash to transition into a series of follow-up slashes, together spelling the kanji, 3% (hit 1), 4% (hits 2-3), 3% (hit 4), 6% (Limit Break hit 1), 7% (Limit Break hit 2), A leaping reverse gripped slash.

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