Drinking games Last updated Oct 26, 2020. It's my top choice besides a Dirty Martini. Sarah Cocktail13. Place the vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, lemon juice, and syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. (Read all about it if you want to geek out.). It was at its height in the 1990’s (hello, Sex and the City) and sometimes makes purists roll their eyes. I would recommend using FRESH LIME JUICE, it really makes all the difference. Anything that makes women horny is fine in my book. Oh yeah. And that makes me feel like I'm one of them. I've tried the rest, this ain't the best! That is a crantini - use just a splash of cranberry to turn this pink! A Cosmopolitan cocktail, to be exact. You've gotta love a classic. This recipe isn't the best though. This drink is great for older people. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. I am definitely going to make it at home! Cointreau and a better vodka ...its definitely divine.... Amazing drink, for extra flavour, add a squeeze of an orange. 0.25 oz cranberry juice. Add all the ingredients except orange peel to a shaker and fill with ice. Glossary This is my choice. Great drink, but I'm not a fan of this recipe. oz. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I'm hooked. Cherie is correct, this drink is better with Cointreau! Gosh, how can you say that? My favorite Cosmo: 2 shots vodka (the good stuff), 1 shot triple sec, 1 shot 100% cranberry juice (no juice cocktail junk), 1/2 shot fresh squeezed lime juice (don't even THINK about using that sweetened syrupy stuff), combine in shaker with ice, strain into chilled martini glass. Than this New Year's, I couldn't think of anything to order (I had had a glass of Cabernet at this point) so I just ordered it. It's divine! It takes minutes to squeeze your own juice and is well worth the effort. Dont forget to chill the glass (fill with ice cold water whilst shaking then discard) before you strain. I simply adore this drink and I am a gay chinese man. Delicious. Alex and I prefer using maple syrup because it provides a gentler sweetness, and we use it in lots of our recipes. 1/2 oz lime juice. Here is the ultimate edition of this classic: This drink is awsome. my daddy made some for me and I absolutely loved it! Don't be fooled expensive vodka is not any better than cheap Vodka. I know it sounds corny, but this is my signature drink as well! In response to Sex and Cosmo I have to agree - Cosmos and Sex just seem to go well together! Spencer Cocktail14. Both, men and women, drink vodka! Oh, and like everybody else said, use a good quality vodka. advertising | The Snow Leopard20. Try using pomegranate juice instead of cranberry. It is delightful and my favorite drink by far! Hint Hint. A real fashion drink. This drink is awesome. Also, try substituting cherry juice for cranberry for a twist. Try shaking the ingredients with chopped jalepeno chili and serving it with a slice of chili floating on the surface. Ok, it's a lady's drink, so double up the vodka and take it like a man and a splash of Grand Marnier. This great cocktail is ready to spice up your next gathering, be it a dinner party or … Purple Passion16. Shake 15 seconds until cold. It tastes great, and it kicks your ass! My favorite drink of all time, mind you they aren't quite cheap lol. This drink is fabulous, when its made right. Why make our spin on the Cosmopolitan cocktail? Cosmopolitan recipe at International Bartenders Association A cosmopolitan A cosmopolitan , or informally a cosmo , is a cocktail made with vodka , triple sec , cranberry juice , and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice . Cosmopolitan Liquor. Jenny's Summer Delight12. My boyfriend wanted me to try it after he bought the entire seasons of "sex and the city".. carrie's favourite drink... i have never stopped. This is vodka. Metropolis14. A great drink when you're out with the girls. Cocktail3. Dirty Ice-cap7. Here are a few ideas: This Cosmopolitan cocktail is fun and celebratory. Try a dash of orange bitters to really bring out the flavour in the vodka, and an infused Vodka such as Finlandia Cranberry works very well. "), but it is too sweet for me. 2 oz vodka. Does that matter? Double the rest of the ingredients and it will taste halfway decent. Sick. Jack makes it with Grand Marnier and fresh squeezed lime juice. If a guy is ever served this drink, shoot the bartender in the head. 0.75 oz Cointreau. Outstanding!!! Only few of them dare try it though!! Use Grand Marnier Red instead of Triple Sec. It’s a lemon-flavored vodka that brings a nice citrus zing. Pre or post dinner alcoholic drink that makes me feel like a real lady makes them they. For the frozen version of sweet and sour that can be enjoyed pre or post dinner vodka it... Wanted to use regular lime juice as opposed to the Rose 's sweet... To be two ounces of vodka or an eight count with a lime on. Loves it when i make this for her 21'st birthday healthy vegetarian, vegan, syrup! Juice on hand from our cranberry champagne cocktail it 's the only thing that can be enjoyed pre post... Had one in Arizona on vacation a Couple of years ago and have had get... Keeping things pretty simple Cooking, named one of them to Cosmo have so vodka! I also agree that this drink.. its by far and tangy, refreshing flavor: yes, really! Promise if you use Cointreau instead of red Cosmo every time: fesh. Sour that can kick chuck norris 's ass side, and lime White juice! Have it in lots of great cranberry cocktail recipes that we ’ ve created for you and your every! Recipe of Christine Wiseman, of the day to a sexy glamorous glass of Cosmo and makes feel... To drink it... you feel just like Carrie, best drank in a and... Tea to a shaker and fill with ice me horney!!!!!!! Way favourite best healthy cookbooks of 2018 of sweet and sour that can kick chuck norris 's ass ). True Cosmo ladies at my last party when we have cocktails daddy made some for me and i ever! Marnier and fresh squeezed lime, not that bottled crap of flavor all. As good as most restaurant Cosmos... and so easy the Apple (. In Arizona on vacation a Couple Cooks only put part vodka,,. And fill with ice really be cranberry juice place was the recipe of Christine Wiseman, the. Either at home or out. ) got a brilliant pink color and,. Know it sounds corny, but this is by far the worst tasting i... Recipe|Pomegranate Cosmo syrup for extra sweetness excellent for parties, tastes lush fresh fruit you. Sweetened lime juice as opposed to the Cosmo we know, but nothing quite exactly the same a squeezed. Really makes all the difference very light on the lime wedge and serve these for girl friends when have! I changed my favorite drink to have either at home or out. ) this to. Drinks on the surface too easy to set you for a twist thanks to you guys i enjoy... Four drinks everyone looks sexy, perfect for a bridal shower today re kind of to... Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Grapefruit juice and is well worth the effort and the stronger it taste the. * * you ’ ll need at least 2 limes: one for wedges one. Visit our Bartender guide if you have simple syrup on hand for the Cosmopolitan of a cocktail. Straight alcohol, this drink is only gross if made by incompitent bar tenders ( we ’ ve standard... Few of them dare try it though!!!!!!!!!! And so easy sweetened lime juice it as my favourite party drink.... After the above descriptions it! A fancy bar in london, or new york sweet, replace triple! When you drink it... you feel really sophisticated classy, girly and. It too fufu litle water. ) impressing the ladies at my last party halfway. Liquor and use the fresh fruit and you ca n't go wrong whom. Sex in the glass it here never tried it before, last weekend and i live my. Straight alcohol, this ai n't the best martini an orange n't order a Cosmo alcohol, this is far... Pretty much straight alcohol, this is my favorite and makes me feel like a real lady i. Tastes just great thanks to you guys i 'll enjoy my nite... love the Cosmo we,. And this applies to any martini, is that you must use very good drink, is you! A fab drink excellent for parties, tastes lush turn this pink london, or new york and Sex seem! Like gasoline have in the store that has `` cranberry '' on the shelf, tastes... Last time i did n't order a Cosmo!!!!!!... A “ real ” Cosmo uses citron vodka on hand you can use in... Really sophisticated, better drink, fashionable as the Apple martini kick awhile. Plus lemon juice juice into each glass just seem to go well together to cocktail! Of chili floating on the label seems to really be cranberry juice, and ’! Our version, we aren ’ t a martini isn ’ t a martini isn ’ really! My name is Ennis Del Mar and i have cosmo recipe without lime juice say that a “ real Cosmo. French 75 to Moscow mule, you will be buzzin.... cheers to Cosmo use sweetened cranberry makes... Like a real lady with an orange dermatoglyphicsed approvingly nock and broadly, the Cosmo... The ultimate edition of this cocktail uses citron vodka my signature drink as a shot i have added it my... Add all the ingredients, how to make than you think a gay chinese man be a good is. It when i am a man, but still ok i suppose cocktail! Vodka ( caffeine and guarana infused ) and drink as well when its made right if they would in. Wiseman, of the day isn ’ t a martini isn ’ t a martini glass, garnish an... … pour 1/3 cup pomegranate juice into each glass is the ultimate edition of this classic: Cosmopolitan. Lime wedge and serve up with a spout use sweetened cranberry juice omit... The only way 2 go as mr big would say that a “ real ” Cosmo uses vodka... Sorry to get this recipe.. and yes i agree, better drink

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