No spam and entirely confidential. Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Gift Set, 70 cl. Teeling Small Batch, a flagship product for Teeling, is finished for no less than 6 months in Central American rum casks. Hoping my wife takes the hints for Christmas as my bottle is almost empty! More than I hoped for! Teeling also makes a whiskey aged in wine barrels (cab/sav). Allspice, hints of vanilla, apple pie and blackberries. This Irish has the longest sweet finish of any that has passed my lips. I like it very much. Enjoy! For this that day it's harsh... Well it's free cask at 46% alc. @ £30-ish per bottle its a value for money whiskey,however @ a higher price I would not buy it./mike-stockholm-sweden. Great sipping whiskey. Good to see it bottled at 46% and unchillfiltered. Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is special. More expensive but not as good. Day two of the advent calendar, and after the Haig Club of day one I;m apprehensive. I won't buy it again & frankly it's put me off all Teeling whiskies period, shame really. The nose has a citrus nature that you get with good rum, along with a palate so smooth that you know you are drinking Irish Whiskey... Fabulous! You will have no regrets buying this lovely Irish charm with the best rum finish you could wish for. And it's less expense that Redbreast as well ;-), Could this be my new favorite "Irish Whiskey"On the plus side:Nice smooth taste, goes down easily. First, there's not enough of the great Irish Whiskey's available in the US! Whoever blended this is a genius!!! Sharp, acidic, harsh. And when someone who says, "I don't drink whiskey," or "I don't drink Irish Whiskey," and they come back for seconds? This small batch bottling consists of hand selected casks which are given further maturation in ex-rum barrels imparting extra character and smooth flavour unique to Irish whiskey. Better aroma then taste. Nothing to turn your nose up at! Great mouth feel probably from not being chill filtered with extra molasses sweetness from the rum makes this dangerously drinkable especially when you consider it is 46%. Its been a while since I shuddered after taking a mouthful of whisky, but this produced that effect. It was for me, extremely dissapointing indeed & I think massively overpriced for what it is. For a blend 10/10.I dont understand why the person just before me tastes something harsh. Wonderful flavor very nice on the tongue. Will be buying again. Allspice from the table of Asgard, hints of Odin's Mother's apple pie. It then followed up with a hint of saltiness and caramel, as it slowly trickled its way into my belly. This whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV so needs a drop of water or a couple of ice cubes. Finish: a sweet spice finish complimented by woody undertones. For about £30 you could find something more Irish and elegant. Great bang for your buck whiskey. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. I really *want* Teeling to do well. Smooth and balanced. Got this as a gift loved it! This is a superb new whiskey that has character that suits the modern age and at 46 per cent should have a dash of your favourite mineral water to suit your taste. I've had some here and there over the years but mostly in an Irish Coffee. A pleasant malty sweet flavour and nice aftertaste. I LOVE IT!! 0 in trolley. Teeling Stout Cask is a celebration of two quintessentially Irish products – whiskey & stout. My wife (an avid whiskey drinker prior to finding this), will never go back to Johnnie Green and even prefers it to Blue. Teeling Single Pot #3 Bottling Note The Teeling folks made history by bringing whiskey distillation back to Dublin with its very own Teeling Single Pot Still expression, which was completely distilled in Ireland's capital - the first time this has happened in nearly half a century! This is a nice tot but the price is in the single malt range. Price per unit (£40/litre) Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl. I went by the reviews and can't see why its rated so high . Great whiskey, l definitely recommend it, better than some of the other whiskeys in it's price range. Special offers, recommendations and expert advice to your inbox! This is one of my absolute favourite whiskeys ... it is light, smooth (considering it’s strength) with a lovely caramel taste ... fantastic and highly recommended, Delicious and quite light, especially given the high %ABV. Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey 70cl - £28 @ Waitrose & Partners £28 £39.15 28% Waitrose & Partners Deals Small Batch Irish Whiskey "Teeling's flagship Irish whiskey and our attempt to create the most interesting blended Irish whiskey. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy While it is strong and the alcohol does overwhelms without a bit of water, this is one of the things I love about it. the hint of vanilla is the first taste as i had my drink at the Palace Bar in Dublin. It's common knowledge, or so I read, that they're outsourcing to tide themselves over till they mature their own stuff. Most disappointing buy in a while, if not of all times! We can't actually ship Teeling Small Batch to you in Poland at the moment. Not a bad dram by all means, but not what I expected. Awesome, amazing, everything I look for in a high quality Irish whiskey! The strong alcohol content really brings out the flavor. I finished the bottle quicker than I'd hoped, which is a good thing I guess. Tastes like a very young whiskey. Please enter your details to make it easier for us to help you further. I think the people behind it did amazing stuff with the Cooley range over the past 15 or so years, really providing a credible alternative to the big players down in Middleton. Johnnie Red or Jameson, or Tullamore is a bettet buy! Malty mouth feel. I didn't remember what it tastes like in between sips to even finish this review. I'm not an expert on whiskey but I've drunk more than most. I love a good Irish whiskey and a big fan of the Teeling Small Batch and some of their other bottlings. An Irish whiskey that is still smooth but has bags of flavour = Teeling Small Batch. This whiskey leaves a sticky-sweet aftertaste that I only ever experienced in whiskey liqueurs (Southern Comfort, Irish Mist) that contain added sugar. Please invest your money in a good whisky. It got real character just enough sweetness some bourbonny something going on and I now love it. Back to Jameson. Santa was good and got a bottle of this. Overrated! My wife bought me this as a birthday treat & I was really excited to taste it, normally I'm an islay single malt fan & so no stranger to whiskies that some might consider a bit full on. It can have its own character and taste. I've tried the small batch on a few occassions and no matter how I want to like it I find that it's a very rough product. 0 in trolley. It is the first new whiskey distillery to have opened in Dublin, once a world whiskey distilling capital, in over 125 years. There's a pleasant oily residue on the tongue. Also an enjoyable after taste. Teeling 28 Year Old - Vintage Reserve Collection, Teeling 18 Year Old - The Renaissance Series 2, Teeling 37 Year Old - Vintage Reserve Collection. Our Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is the flagship of our award winning Irish Whiskey range. see our full range I use it to remove grease spots from the garage floor. Teeling's flagship Irish whiskey and our attempt to create the most interesting blended Irish whiskey. When it … It can come off as strong in the alcohol taste when first poured. I am sold! Hugely overpriced & quite dissapointingly one dimensional, Bad whisky disguised with sugar, rum and inflated price, Had heard good reviews, but.... (Follow up). Fantastic addition to the growing Irish whiskey,s in the world.

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