my dog has been acting very weird for the past 24 hours. Would this beable to cause her a fit as tonight she had one and I took her straight to the emergency vets and they said her boobs could be down to having a phantom/ silent season. She would walk around the house shaking like she was scared to death. hi im 37 weeks pregnant with second baby, last night i had strange back ache that kept waking me up to the point of having to go down stairs and time the pain! My dog is acting strange, hides under the bed my dog is not acting like himself and he just wants to be under my bed when he always sleeps on the bed and also doesn't have much of an appetite my dog is is acting strange he just wants to be under my bed and doesn't really want to eat please help. If your dog has not been in heat or around a male dog in the last 2 months, she is probably not pregnant. She is definitely not pregnant! well im due the 17th and these last few days my dog has been acting nuts. Im 39 weeks pregnant. It could be pregnancy, but she could just be having an off week, too. She will also continue to enjoy walks and games every day.   Expecting mothers naturally want to make a safe area for their newborn puppies. Your dog can sense that there is something different about you & is reacting to that. Dogs exhibit symptoms similar to those of humans when they are ready to go into labor. Spend a little extra time with him. My 12 year old dog has been acting weird as soon as I got pregnant. He usually sleeps in the bed with me, but now seems almost afraid to sleep there. If your dog's symptoms persist beyond three weeks, it's probably best to have her seen by a veterinarian. Usually within 2-3 weeks the symptoms subside and she will gradually go back to "normal". Her boobs have filled with milk. Pregnancy and puppy-raising can change the most even-tempered and loving dog into an unpredictable or even annoying pet. Watch your dog carefully in the days and weeks before she is due to give birth. Different postural behaviors can occur, and the dog might start acting weird towards his/her owner. But after the baby comes she goes back to being herself. Brenda Song (born March 27, 1988) is an American actress. and she seems to like to be near me and has to be in sight of me. Early or midway into the pregnancy, she may eat less or even vomit occasionally (the canine equivalent of morning sickness). I have some very funny stories about it if you ever wanted to hear them. He loves to follow me around but when I am pregnant he goes beyond following me around the house to stalking me. im 37 weeks pregnant, my dog is acting funny.. as in she is usually attached to my hip but i find her upstairs sleeping by herself which she never used to do. dog acting strange normal 1680468663874826567_294_5. Have a happy & healthy delivery! No. However, if she has, look for signs of pregnancy, like her nipples becoming elongated and her belly growing. A false pregnancy may be extremely stressful for your dog. she carries a squeaky burger toy everywhere with her and is constantly crying and whining. 6 The Pooch Can Tell You’re Acting Different. Last night, he woke us up by yelping in his sleep. Related: My dog is acting strange and hiding. Many will feel a need to become clingy and spend more time close to their special human. “Bella was beginning to act very strange. She is aware of changes taking place inside her own body. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Since dogs are capable of identifying these changes, some of them react to them, especially if their master happens to be the pregnant woman. Archived. Both my dogs started acting "strange" before I even knew I was pregnant. She even goes as far as to push my husband out of bed. I keep the room shut while I'm at work, so I don't know what might have spooked him. Follow your gut, talk to your dog, reassure him. He seems scared.? im 37 weeks pregnant, my dog is acting funny.. Close. After finishing the race and grabbing a bite to eat, the Millers headed to the hospital where Amber gave birth to their baby daughter June. Most dogs show behavior changes, and their energy levels drop as their abdomens grow. She might be a little extra hungry, or throwing up a bit here and there, or she might just be acting a little strange. These fluctuations correspond with your dog’s changing hormones. Pregnancy checklist at 37 weeks. In fact, you should not change her diet during the first two weeks, even if you know she's pregnant. False pregnancies generally last up to three weeks, and during this period, the dog's hormones are the same as they would be if she were pregnant. Posted by 9 years ago. 9. Brittany also recalled her dog’s demeanor completely shifting at this time. She is - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. Luckily, the behavior of the mother dog will usually return to normal after her puppies become independent. A couple animals in the house have been acting weird lately. He was originally my dog, so I am the packleader, and nothing was wrong until five weeks ago. she carries a squeaky burger toy everywhere with her and is constantly crying and whining. A pregnant dog’s appetite can fluctuate in different ways, depending on the dog and the stage of her pregnancy. I think you will find the problem will dissipate. im 39 weeks pregnant my dog is acting strange? For the last few days my dog is acting really wierd. It is not unusual. Pregnant Dogs Do Strange Things. Make a baby watch list. and she seems to like to be near me and has to be in sight of me. Weeks 1-2: during the first weeks pregnancy is difficult to detect, and your dog will probably continue to eat food as usual. However, she may also eat more than usual and be dissatisfied with her meals. While you may not think that something simple like your behaviour will be noticed by your dog, they know. At the same time instinct is urging her to seek seclusion from humans and other animals in general. Before The Pregnancy. We’ll break it down. They know your schedule better than you do; they follow you around the house and know what you're doing and why. Hi I think my dog is having a phantom pregnancy. The cat that stays in the house is usually kind of distant from me, but for the past week or so, she's been loving and the other day she was sitting on the arm of the chair just staring at me.

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